The Cub Scout uniform serves a dual purpose; wearing the defined uniform demonstrates membership in the group, and displaying earned awards demonstrates individual achievement. Wearing the uniform to meetings and activities encourages a neat appearance, a sense of belonging, and good behavior.

It is not unusual for scouts to resist wearing the uniform correctly. This can be an ongoing struggle for parents. Pack 1148 believes the uniform adds value and the time taken to work with scouts on correct uniform wearing is well spent. We acknowledge there are situations where a non-standard uniform is acceptable.

  • Scouts should not miss events due to uniform issues. If you have not yet been able to purchase part of the uniform (or replace something lost or damaged), please attend with whatever you have.

  • Scouts with medical diagnoses that make it difficult to wear the defined uniform may work with the committee on an individual basis to find a mutually agreed upon substitute that accommodates the scout’s needs while attempting to meet the purposes of the Cub Scout uniform outlined above.

Uniform Description

The official Cub Scout “Field Uniform” uniform (sometimes referred to as your “Class A”) is described at https://www.scouting.org/programs/cub-scouts/cub-scout-uniform/. Here are some notes about how Pack 1148 observes the uniform.

  • Pack 1148 is considered a “belt up” pack. To be specific, this means we do not require scouts to wear the official pants or socks as part of the Field Uniform. Pack 1148 also does not require a Scout to wear any specific Scout hat with their uniform.

  • Most scouts in Pack 1148 choose the short-sleeve shirt, but long-sleeve is also acceptable.

  • You should purchase four patches for your Field Uniform shirt when you join: a World Crest Patch, a Council Patch (we are council NCAC), a red unit patch “1148” and a den patch “den X” where “X” is your den number.

  • Patches should be sewn to the uniform or attached with Patch Magic. The pin provided with the rank patches is called a Parent’s Pin. It is a collectible for the parents and is not part of the Cub Scout uniform. We only use it to clip the new patch to the uniform as a temporary convenience.

  • The Field Uniform shirt should always be tucked in.

  • It is acceptable to tie a knot in the neckerchief under the slide for younger scouts to prevent the slide from falling off.

  • It is acceptable to wear a generic Cub Scout hat rather than a rank-specific hat showing the emblem for Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelos.

  • Webelos (fourth and fifth graders) may choose between the tan or the blue uniform shirt. The tan shirt requires blue shoulder loops. Consult your den leader to find out which color makes the most sense.

  • Webelos (fourth and fifth graders) may choose between the blue Cub Scout belt or the green Boy Scout belt.

  • Webelos (fourth and fifth graders) in Pack 1148 should purchase the Webelos Colors (a series of three cloth ribbons) to display Adventure pins.

The Pack 1148 activity uniform or “Class B” uniform is a dry-wick T-shirt. Contactmembership@pack1148.net if you need a class B T-shirt.

Pack 1148 wears different uniforms at different times.

  • Most meetings and events require Class A Field Uniforms.

  • Some informal activities and hikes use Pack Class B T-shirts.

  • If the event announcement does not specify which uniform, ask your leader or assume Class A Field Uniform.

  • Both uniforms are required at campouts.

Where to Get Uniforms

Scout materials can be purchased online at many locations, including http://www.scoutstuff.org. They are also sold locally at Leesburg Hobbies & Collectibles, Camp Snyder Trading Post & Scout Shop in Haymarket, National Capital Scout Shop in Bethesda, and Northern Virginia Scout Shop in Springfield. Store hours may vary, so call first to check.