Pack 1148 has only one fundraiser - selling World Famous Popcorn. Our popcorn selling season is in the Fall each year – August through November.

Why do we sell popcorn? The Pack uses the funds generated through our Scout's popcorn sales to:

1) Reduce yearly registration fees.

2) Pay for all of our Scout's awards.

3) Reduce campout fees.

4) Funds our annual Blue and Gold event.

5) Pays for facility fees (pack meetings, special events).

6) Pays for our annual Pinewood Derby event - and TRACK.

7) And many more cool things.

Through popcorn sales, Scouts also learn about working hard towards a goal, teamwork, and most of all its an activity that is FUN to do with your Scout buddies.

Scouts who participate will also be eligible for certain pack, council and national level prizes – depending on the amount they sell.

Popcorn Kernel: popcorn@pack1148.com