Pack 1148 coordinates STEM opportunities and events for the Scouts. This page will provide information about events and BSA STEM programs.

The BSA STEM/NOVA page has some information regarding STEM and the awards associated with leading up to the STEM SuperNOVA award.

Last year Cub Scouts only had Science Everywhere, Tech Talk, Swing!, and 1-2-3 Go! That all added up lead to the Supernova Awards for the recent Dr. Alvarez earned awards. Since last year additional requirements have been added (to achieve additional Pi Pins) on the Initial Patch earned such as Down and Dirty, Nova WILD!, and Out of This World

Also, if the pack encounters a Scout wide event or paperwork that requires signature by a STEM Mentor or Counselor the Pack 1148 STEM coordinator is certified to do this for the NCAC area, so long as I get an explanation of what the scout is looking to earn and what they attended and what they learned from it.

Supernova Awards

Dr. Luis W. Alvarez Cub Scouts

(Wolves and Bears)

Dr. Charles H. Townes Webelos Scouts

Dr. Bernard Harris Bronze—Boy Scouts

Thomas Edison Silver—Boy Scouts


STEM Chair: